Chinese Immigration to the Russian Far East

About the Author
Shiau-shyang Liou is Assistant Research Fellow, Division of Non-traditional Security and Military Missions at INDSR. His research focuses on non-traditional security studies, Russian foreign policy, Russia & CIS Studies, China’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” and migration research.

This article was published in Russian Analytical Digest      No. 230: The Russian Far East

Importing immigrant labor from neighboring China is the simplest and most effective way to resolve the
labor shortage in the Russian Far East. Indeed, against the background of the Ukraine crisis and its “Turn
to the East,” Russia has relaxed its restrictions on Chinese immigration. At the same time, however, the
number of Chinese immigrant workers in Russia may actually decrease in forthcoming years, due to the
increase in per capita income in China and the looming labor shortages in China due to its aging population.