Defense Security Brief

本刊於2011年7月創刊,由國防部國防智庫籌備處以《Defense Security Brief》為名發行之季刊,以說明我國防政策及國防安全事務,增進國際對我國防政策、兩岸研究與國際安全情勢之認識為宗旨,本院創立後維持原有刊名,並自第七卷持續出刊,將持續深耕國防與安全研究,期能成為本院與各國國防與安全智庫溝通交流之專業刊物。

Defense Security Brief (DSB) is an English-language publication aimed at strengthening research exchanges with security-related experts both domestically and abroad. Established in 2011, DSB was originally founded and compiled by the Office of Defense Studies, Ministry of National Defense. INDSR continued the publication in 2018.