INDSR Co-hosts Conference In UK To Share Cross-Strait Insights

  • Date:2019/09/20


INDSR Co-hosts Conference In UK To Share Cross-Strait Insights

Engagement in Track Two discussions with five major think tanks
LONDON – Sep 20, 2019 – A delegation from the Institute for National Defense and Security Research completed a weeklong trip to the United Kingdom, with the aim of fostering exchanges with premier think tanks and broadening the dialogue on cross-Strait issues.

Led by INDSR Chief Executive Officer Cheng-yi Lin, the team of experts visited the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the Henry Jackson Society, Chatham House and the Lau China Institute at King’s College London.

While China is becoming a political and military peer competitor of the US, Beijing is less confident in responding to challenges from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and less tolerant of civil rights and democratic movement in these two places,” Dr Lin said in a keynote at a conference co-hosted with the Lau China Institute.

INDSR’s team exchanged insights with UK counterparts on issues such as hybrid warfare by China in the media and cyber domains; on China’s IT industry and its security risks; and on the vulnerabilities of democratic societies.

China extends its sharp power strategy toward Taiwan through bullying, buying and broadcasting as the measures to shape people’s preferences and choices in elections. In the years to come, China’s interference and penetration will linger and further erode Taiwan’s democracy,Dr Yeh-chung Lu, vice president of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, who was also part of the delegation, told the conference audience.

The meeting in London was part of INDSR’s international outreach this year where it has co-hosted similar events with RAND Corp and with the US-Asia Security Initiative at Stanford University in the US.

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