Division of Cyber Security and Decision-Making Simulation

The Division of Cyber Security and Decision-Making Simulation was established as the first research division in Taiwan and one of only a few globally that link cyber warfare and information security as a joint research issue. This does not only indicate the seriousness of the cyber threats Taiwan faces from the PRC, but also highlights that Taiwan fully recognizes the dual use capacity of both the internet and information. Our division uses resources and knowledge from both the public and private sector as well as from international networks. We are dedicated to providing Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense with forward-looking fact-based analyses and policy recommendations in information security governance as well as challenges and trends of cyber warfare. We thereby hope to further Taiwan’s national defense strategy of resolute defense and multi-domain deterrence.

 Expert  Title  Ext. Education
Yi-Suo Tzeng  Assistant Research Fellow 551 Ph.D., Department of Political Science, The George Washington University, USA
Pei-Shiue Hsieh Assistant Research Fellow 501 Ph.D., Department of Political Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Che-Jen Wang Assistant Research Fellow 506 Ph.D., Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Science
Jung-Ming Chang    Postdoctoral Fellow 504 Ph.D., Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland, USA
Chen-Yi Tu Assistant Research Fellow 604 Ph.D., Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
Tsung Han Wu Assistant Research Fellow 555 Ph.D., Chinese Studies Research, Lau China Institute, King's College London, UK