Division of Advanced Technologies and Warfighting Concepts

The Division of Advanced Technologies and Warfighting Concepts focuses on global defense technology and industries, trends in advanced technologies, and innovative warfighting concepts. With this research, we hope to enhance the understanding about Taiwanese defense industry needs within the defense and security community. Increased understanding will help develop high-quality, adaptable, and reliable defense capabilities. Our division includes scholars with expertise in PRC military affairs, defense technology and industries, as well as former national defense practitioners. By integrating theoretical and practical viewpoints, we aim to foster innovative ideas in advanced technology and warfighting concepts. We are committed to contributing to Taiwan’s national defense and security and provide recommendations to policy makers, publish reports and scholarly papers, as well as participate in various fora to enhance international cooperation.

Si-Fu Ou Research Fellow 23312360 ext. 651
Hsiao-Huang Shu Research Fellow 23312360 ext. 658
Po-chou Lin Assistant Research Fellow 23312360 ext. 652
Jyh-Shyang Sheu Postdoctoral Fellow 23312360 ext. 653
Juo-Min Chou Policy Analyst 23312360 ext. 656