Looking back on 2018, the global situation unfolded like an aurora borealis – those polar lights that are at once disturbing and dazzling at the same time. It has been a year full of crises, yet unparalleled amazement!

In little more than half a year, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR) – inaugurated on May 1, 2018 – has hosted visitors from all over the world. In receiving all types of think tanks and conducting seminars and meetings, we have exchanged views on a broad range of issues from developments in the Asia-Pacific situation to cybersecurity.

In particular, the interviews with media from many different countries left a deep impression because their pointed questions got to the heart of the issue. They traveled thousands of miles, but no distance was too far to go to unravel the doubts and concerns in their minds on world affairs through real fieldwork. It gave us a deep recognition that no issue, be it the Trump-Kim summit, the US-Sino trade war or other matters affecting world peace and regional security, is as compelling as the security in the Taiwan Strait.

With consideration of the issues in focus by our global visitors, the institute carried out the following assessments:
1. PRC’s Political and Military Developments
2. Security Environment in the Indo-Pacific Region
3. Trends of Defense Technology

Based on meticulous analysis by the institute’s elites – in the spirit of and with an attitude for facts and transparency – we completed the three assessment reports for 2018. We hope they provide a valuable reference and contribute to the wisdom of maintaining stability in the Taiwan Strait and promoting regional peace.