In its inaugural overview on defense and security issues impacting the Indo-Pacific region and Taiwan, INDSR sees far-reaching effects of the US-Sino trade war in the Indo-Pacific region, of China’s party and military reform, and of technologies to come in the battlefields of the future. The reports issued in December 2018, their English-language summaries and the Chairman’s foreword are available on the institute’s website.

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An English-language monthly publication aimed at strengthening research exchanges with security-related experts both domestically and abroad. Guest contributors are welcome to send in submissions.
A Chinese-language quarterly publication that acts as a forum for exchanging ideas in defense and security research. Guest contributors are welcome to send in submissions.
Formerly a monthly, this is a Chinese-language special edition publication authored by INDSR experts that addresses overall defense and international security issues.
A Chinese-language publication providing longer-form analysis by INDSR experts about news, security issues and trends of the preceding two weeks. The bi-weekly is distributed internally to government agencies and lawmakers.