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Ketagalan Forum welcome remarks delivered by INDSR Chairman
Ketagalan Forum welcome remarks delivered  by INDSR Chairman
2020.09.10 10:25 Update

Ketagalan Forum welcome remarks delivered in English
by INDSR Chairman Huoh Shoou-yeh

8 September 2020
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Good morning!
Welcome everyone to this important security conference. These are turbulent times. Natural and man made disasters are hurting us. Ideology is at odds. The powerful do whatever they like. Science and technology are developing very fast. The pursuit of the universal values of democracy and freedom is getting stronger, and so is the pursuit of common interests.

I am very glad to see all of you here. To see those on the screen from very far away. To see those sitting in front of me. We come together in the next two days to look at how to promote security and secure prosperity. We come together to safeguard the Indo Pacific region. I hope together we can find some good conclusions.

Allow me now to escort on stage to give us a warm welcome:
the President of the Republic of China Madam Tsai Ing wen!