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INDSR Opens Ketagalan Forum With Former US Official Delivering Keynote
INDSR Opens Ketagalan Forum With Former US Official Delivering Keynote
2020.09.10 14:04 Update

INDSR Opens Ketagalan Forum
With Former US Official Delivering Keynote

Amplify Taiwan’s voice in three key areas, says Dr H.R. McMaster

TAIPEI, Taiwan, R.O.C.-Sep 8, 2020- The Institute for National Defense and Security Research opened Taiwan’s premier security dialogue on Tuesday with a forceful keynote by the Honorable H.R. McMaster, joining by video conference from California.

The former National Security Advisor to the U.S. President offered compelling prescriptions on how the United States and other like minded partners could help strengthen Taiwan’s defenses that would have benefits globally. “Dr McMaster delivered a powerful speech on how Taiwan can amplify its voic e in various forms as well as fields,” said INDSR CEO Chen wei Lin.

Dr McMaster proffered:
  • Amplifying Taiwan’s cooperation in research and academia by partnering with more institutions in the United States can help counter-balance the CCP’s influence on American campuses
  • Amplifying Taiwan’s voice in global forums and on issues vital to global health, energy and climate, among others, can foster positive change in the Indo-Pacific region and counter the Chinese models being propelled by the CCP
  • Amplifying the influence of Taiwan’s media can help counter the CCP’s co-option of American media
“It is time to broaden the reach of Taiwanese news platforms, in particular those written in English … The need is urgent as Hong Kong‘s tradition al place as a main source of English lan guage news of the region is now sadly editorially compromised,” Dr McMaster said. “In particular, Taiwanese publications might help educate Americans and other foreign audiences about the history of (Taiwan) Strait’s relations as the straits and the South China Sea are focal points of geopolitical tensions.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Asia Pacific Security Dialogue sponsored by the Ketagalan Forum , organized by INDSR and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O. is bringing t ogether thought leaders from around the world online and in Taiwa n on Sep 8-9 .

Formally inaugurated on May 1, 2018, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research is dedicated to fueling knowledge based policy analyses and strategic assessments on Taiwan’s security. Our mission is to safeguard Taiwan’s democracy and prosper ity by strengthening mutual understanding and advancing common interests in the defense and security community both globally and at home. INDSR was listed among the “best new think tanks” in 2019 in the latest Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.