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2021.07.12 16:11 Update

Commitment to collaborate on security and defense research

On June 30, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR) inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Prague-based European Values Center for Security Policy (EVC). Both sides committed to strengthening their cooperation and interaction on security and defense issues.

Under the MOU, INDSR and EVC will initiate a series of projects covering researcher exchanges, and joint research and seminars.

The virtual signing ceremony included INDSR CEO Chen-wei Lin, Deputy CEO Alex Po, acting Deputy CEO Si-fu Ou, EVC Director Jakub Janda and EVC Taipei Office Director Richard Kraemer.

INDSR CEO Chen-wei Lin said EVC is a prominent think tank that for a long time has focused on Eastern Europe and Russia, but now is also paying attention to the Indo-Pacific region, which is also a main focus of INDSR. He expressed that both INDSR and EVC will increase their exchanges over security and defense studies.

INDSR Deputy CEO Alex Po said it was a significant moment to witness the partnership and that he looked forward to seeing the collaboration from both sides.

EVC Director Jakub Janda pointed out that both Taiwan and the Czech Republic share democratic values. He said that EVC will bring about more European perspectives on security and defense affairs through the collaboration with INDSR, which will also create a more practical relationship.

Richard Kraemer, who will head EVC’s Taipei Office when it is set up, said that Taiwan has stood firm while facing external and malign challenges in the past decade. He expects that both EVC and INDSR will each benefit from the collaboration.