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INDSR scholars offer insights on war in Europe in ARTE’s “Taïwan: l’écho ukrainien” documentary
2022.08.01 13:32 更新


Scholars from the Institute for National Defense and Security Research are spotlighted in “Taïwan: l’écho ukrainien” (English title: “Taiwan: Learning from Ukraine”), a feature documentary by multi-language European public service channel ARTE in late May.


CAPT Jiang Hsinbiao (ROCN, Ret), an assistant research fellow in the Division of Defense Strategy and Resources at INDSR, pointed out in the film that, “Ukraine has taught us an important lesson. It was able to resist without capitulating.” The film’s synopsis teased that, inspired by Ukraine’s grit, Taiwanese might be able to pull off the impossible, and stand up to China. 


The 25-minute documentary also featured INDSR division director Dr Tzu-yun Su explaining a key point: The CCP has a weakness. It can’t bear risk. Losing a war against Taiwan would trigger a huge political crisis within China.


Watch the full documentary here.

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