Division of Chinese Politics, Military and Warfighting Concepts

Lin POCHOU-201805 - 021
Po-Chou, Lin Assistant Research Fellow

Indo-Pacific Security, China’s Defense and Military, Taiwan Defense Technology Development System


M.A., Department of Political Science, Soochow University, Taiwan
Ph.D. student, Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Contact Information
(02)2331-2360 Ext. 652
Email majorlin@indsr.org.tw

Past Experience

Research Fellow, Center for Strategic Studies, Ministry of National Defense (2017-2018)
Associate Research Fellow, Office of Defense Studies, Ministry of National Defense (2010-2017)
Political Reporter, Central Daily News (2006)
Sales Representative, Resins Chemical Group (2006)
Project Assistant, National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan (2005-2006)