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EP Vice President Nicola Beer and INDSR experts exchange key views relevant to Indo-Pacific region
蘇 End
2022.08.01 12:48 Update


Scholars from the Institute for National Defense and Security Research had the privilege to hold substantive exchanges with European Parliament Vice President Nicola Beer and her delegation during their recent visit to Taiwan.


Dr Tzu-yun Su, director of the Division of Defense Strategy and Resources, and Dr Jyh-Shyang Sheu, assistant research fellow in the Division of Chinese Politics, Military and Warfighting Concepts, briefed counterparts on their views of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The conversation covered asymmetric force preparation, demographics and conscription in small countries faced with larger adversaries, defenses relevant to sea lines of communications (SLOC), and more.


Taiwan’s existence, free and democratic, serves not only its own national interest, but also is a safeguard for maritime transportation lifelines of like-minded partners and for the supply chain security of Europe and Northeast Asia.


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