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2023 Taipei Security Dialogue Spotlights Democratic Responses to Chinese Threats
2023.11.15 10:16 Update

The Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR) hosted the 2023 Taipei Security Dialogue on November 8, 2023, bringing together experts and leaders from around the world to address the challenges posed by China to global order and democracy.


In his opening remarks, INDSR Chairman Huoh, Shoou-Yeh stressed the shared responsibility of all nations in preventing the Indo-Pacific region from becoming a flashpoint. He highlighted concerns raised by recent international conflicts and expressed the importance of democratic nations working together to enhance collective deterrence, maintain regional peace, and prevent catastrophic wars.


In her presidential address at the 2023 Taipei Security Dialogue, H.E. President Tsai, Ing-wen emphasized the importance of Taiwan’s security in the Indo-Pacific and the world, asserting Taiwanese people’s determination to protect their hard-earned freedoms and democracy. Taiwan, as a responsible international member, pledged to continue its efforts to maintain regional peace and stability while deepening partnerships with other stakeholders. President Tsai highlighted the challenges of rising authoritarianism and escalating gray-zone activities in the Indo-Pacific, which includes frequent military incursions and cyberattacks targeting Taiwan. She underlined the importance of global support for regional peace and Taiwan’s commitment to enhancing self-defense capabilities and resilience. The President also addressed the issue of cognitive warfare and disinformation, emphasizing the democratic principles behind Taiwan’s response to combat misinformation. She emphasized the interconnectedness of Taiwan’s security with that of the Indo-Pacific and the world, concluding that cooperation among democracies is crucial in deterring aggression and ensuring a peaceful future and the preservation of shared values.


Former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michèle Flournoy outlined five solutions to respond to China’s threat, including strengthening collective deterrence, enhancing cooperation among democratic nations, addressing economic threats, fostering innovation, and restarting dialogue with China. Given President Xi Jinping's increasingly unilateral decision-making, Flournoy suggested that democratic nations must ensure he has access to accurate and comprehensive information. Engaging in dialogues with China at different levels can help prevent misjudgments and reduce regional conflicts.

Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger emphasized the importance of reducing China’s confidence in initiating a war and focusing on deterrence by denial. He highlighted the lower cost of deterrence compared to war and the role of the will to fight.


In his closing remarks, INDSR CEO Dr. Chen, Ming-Chi emphasized Taiwan’s geopolitical and economic significance and called for support from like-minded partners to safeguard peace, stability, global supply chains, and shared values. CEO Chen hopes that this dialogue will convey the message that the “Taiwan contingency is a global contingency.” More importantly, INDSR aspires to be a hub for partners and shareholders to deepen relationships with Taiwan across various sectors.


The 2023 Taipei Security Dialogue included expert conversations and presentation sessions, with participation from notable experts and scholars, aiming to deepen relationships with Taiwan across various sectors.


The event brought together nearly 200 in-person participants and attracted nearly a thousand simultaneous viewers through an online live broadcast.