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【About us】

In the face of China’s increasingly assertive United Front tactics in the economy and society and the growing threat of military force, as well as the challenges of Taiwan’s international status, Taiwan’s government needs to adapt its defense strategy and policies. In addition, it is also important for Taiwan’s government to track citizens’ awareness of national defense and their views on defense matters. Therefore, starting in 2021, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR) has commissioned the Election Study Center of National Chengchi University to conduct the Taiwan National Defense Survey (TNDS). It is hoped that through the accumulation and scientific analysis of data, the TNDS will provide reliable and unbiased public opinion data on defense matters to Taiwan’s government and society. As a national think tank, following the principles of data openness and sharing of results, INDSR has made TNDS data available to scholars and experts for use in academic research.

【How to apply】

To apply to use our data, please complete the Data Request Form. Before applying, please read the Data Release Rules  and the items in each questionnaire. Please send the Data Request Form to indsrpoll@gmail.com. After reviewing your application, we will send the data to you by email. The use of the data by the applicant is subject to our Data Release Rules.

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