Now That It’s a Reality, Does Taiwan Still Back Extended Military Conscription?
Division of Chinese Politics, Military and Warfighting Concepts Kuan-chen Lee Assistant Research Fellow

After the implementation of the one-year mandatory military service, do Taiwanese people still support it? Especially after the Kinmen Coast Guard incident, the atmosphere between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait has become increasingly tense. The PLA has organized routine patrols around Taiwan in recent days. Against this backdrop of escalating tensions with China, do people in Taiwan still back extended military conscription, even if they or their sons will be subjected to the new requirement? Kuan-chen Lee, a researcher at INDSR, analyzed the latest poll and published a short piece in The Diplomat. He found that Taiwanese people still strongly support one-year mandatory military service, and there is a clear correlation between support for mandatory military service and the will to defend Taiwan.
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