Division of Defense Strategy and Resources

Su, Tzu-yun
Su, Tzu-yun Ph.D Research Fellow and Director

Contemporary and Classic Military strategy and Technology, Defense Economics, the Fog of Peace, Indo- Pacific Geopolitics, Capability and Culture of the PLA


Ph.D. degree in political science from Graduate Institute of International Affairs & Strategic Studies, Tamkang University.

Contact Information
(02)2331-2360 Ext. 731
Email panzer.su@indsr.org.tw

Past Experience

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Relevant Experience:

Executive Officer, Center for Advanced Technology, Tamkang University(2009-2017)
the specialist at the Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan(2005-2007)
International Visitor Leadership. The program, IVLP, the U.S. State Department. (2005-2005)
Researcher of the National Security Council, Taiwan(2003-2005)