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Project 2049 Institute- Randall Schriver's speech at INDSR
2023.07.06 15:03 Update

On June 26, 2023, INDSR is honored to host a talk by visiting fellow Mr. Randall Schriver, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense and currently the Chairman of The Board at The Project 2049 Institute. It was Mr. Schriver’s second time delivering the speech at INDSR. In the talk, entitled “U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy and Taiwan Strait Assessment,” Mr. Schriver introduced the elements of US Indo-Pacific strategy, and presented his views on US policies regarding China, Taiwan, Japan and other countries in the region.

During Q&A session, Mr. Schriver addressed issues such as strategic ambiguity (or clarity), China’s soft power, US-Vietnam relations, tabletop exercises, and lessons from the war in Ukraine. Mr. Schriver stressed that, for Taiwan, the war in Ukraine has shown the importance of strategic resilience—to have a stable supply line, functioning government, etc. But we should not forget China also drew its lessons from the war.

INDSR Chairman General Huoh thanked Mr. Schriver for his insightful speech and responses, and also thanked representatives from the Ministry of National Defense and Mainland Affairs Council for participating. He agreed with Mr. Schriver’s many points, and encouraged INDSR fellows to have more exchanges with Mr. Schriver.